July 25, 2010

Junebug arrives!

So here is what I've been cooking... a little Junebug. June Marilyn was born on June 27th and took her time in coming. She came a week late, and not without much difficulty, proving that good things come to those who wait.

I made her a birthday cake on the day before I went into labor. I didn't know she would be a girl, but I made a girlie kind of cake anyway (mother's instinct): a "Pan di Spagna" traditional Italian spongecake with pastry cream filling and lemon scented whipped cream. We ate it and toasted her birth with friends in the hospital room.

It's been four weeks since her birth and I'm slowly getting back into cooking. I made a peach-blueberry cobbler with local peaches a friend brought. And yesterday I made a beautiful '3 beet salad' with chioggia, red and yellow beets from our farm CSA. Dotted with Kentucky sheep's cheese and shreds of basil and drizzled with olive oil, it was the perfect lunch on a really hot day.

So while adjusting to life with baby, bear with me if the posts don't roll in as quickly. I'm still getting my 'kitchen legs' back. But the bounty of summer awaits. And so do many meals prepared lovingly with my little Junebug in one arm. Thanks for waiting for us!