March 6, 2008

Looking back...

My event at marché honoring Peggy Markel is over and I am getting back to normal activities. But I wanted to post a few pictures from the event. It was well attended, people seemed to have fun and enjoy the photos of Italy and Morocco, and I felt like it went off without any (or very few) problems.

All in all, I learned a lot putting this thing on--about people and their motivations, about the world of p.r., about the way things don't always go exactly as planned but close is good enough (this is hard for the perfectionist in me), and that you can't always expect a reward or outward appreciation from the people who you most would like it from.

But in the end, the result was something I could be proud of. And the people who cared the most were there helping out and as a show of support for me, and this was so nice. The best part was when Daniel was refilling water glasses, and Kiki was setting up tables and cleaning up. I have worked in many restaurants over the years. This was an experience in diplomacy in many ways and restaurant politics are always there. But in the kitchen at least, everyone pulled together to help --on their day off no less- and I was very grateful. (That's Betsy putting the finishing touches on the ribollita and Betsy and Rocio, the awesome duo in the kitchen).

One thing I'll remember for next time is to eat and drink a little myself! I heard the food was great. Betsy made Lamb Tagine and Couscous (Morocco), Ribollita (Tuscany) and Eggplant Caponata (Sicily) and it all looked amazing...

Stay tuned for my next Nashville event. But not for a while...

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