July 2, 2008

Dog Days of Summer (ode to my neighborhood)

I love my neighborhood. This Sunday the local chapter of Slow Food and the Farmer's Market put on a little event at the hot dog stand on Woodland St. in E. Nashville, "I Dream of Weenie." (Just the fact that we have a hot dog stand with that name in the 'hood is enough to make you smile) but what's more we have a lot of fun people who care about food and are doing creative things in this part of town and it makes me proud to live here on the East side.

So the organizers asked me to contribute something and of course that something was dessert. I made a huge peach cobbler with a bushel of peaches from the market that were given to me for the event.

You won't see a picture of it here because it disappeared so quickly I had no time to snap one! Apparently, it was a hit.

I added blueberries and a few blackberries to it for color, and the texture was fruity and crumbly with a hint of butter and cinnamon. Yum. It's just what you want to do with a bushel of fresh local peaches. That, or make homemade peach ice cream like I did with a few of the leftovers. (I scored a seven-dollar ice cream maker at a garage sale over the weekend and just had to try it out!) Rest assured, I will be breaking that thing in all summer long, trying out the various recipes I've come across--and some of my own--with abandon! If you come to my house this summer, there will more than likely be a treat for you in the freezer!

In addition to the cobbler, we had house-made pork dogs from Tandy at City House and condiments to go with them like homemade pickle relish, homemade ketchup, potato salad, roasted corn salad and cole slaw, and sangria from the nearby Rumour's wine bar.

People lined up for the hot dogs and spread out on blankets on the grass. It was a chance to see friends and neighbors and get a glimpse of what this East Nashville neighborhood is all about. As long as I am in Nashville, I wouldn't live anywhere else.

Brava to Robin and Marne and Jennifer from Slow Foodfor putting on such a cool event!

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