July 10, 2008

Lucky girl

I am off to the Lakes, and not just any lakes. I will be leaving for Milan for an unexpected week-long trip with family friends. We will be visiting Lago di Garda and Lago di Como, as well as the town of Asiago to see relatives of my friends.

A longtime friend and her family are bringing me along as their personal translator, a job which I will execute with gusto. So, technically, you could call this trip "work," though if you call sipping campari by the lakeside pool at the Villa d'Este work, then I'm your girl!

I hope to bring back many photos and stories of the trip, as well as replenish my stock of Italian goodies to share with friends. It has been 2 years since my last trip to Italy and my supplies are exhausted and my language skills in need of refreshing.

So think of this posting as an 'automated vacation response' and I'll be back with you soon-
Buon viaggio!


  1. Somebody's living right!!
    Have a grand time and eat EVERYTHING you see and tell all when you get back!
    Take care!

  2. Hot damn! Have a great time!

  3. Wow! Bon voyage (assume that I wrote that in Italian)!

  4. did you actually stay at villa d'este? my parents have and my brother too. i stayed at another hotel on como, but i can't recall the name.

    you certainly were incredibly lucky but then so were your friends to have you with them...