July 21, 2008

Italy, part 1: images

To say I had a great trip would be such an understatement. To say Italy was beautiful as usual and the food wonderful, all seems like stating the obvious. We had so many memorable meals and saw such lovely places in one week that it is hard to believe now that it happened.

So I will start by just giving you some of my favorite images. The explanations and the detailed accounts of the best meals and places will come.

But for now I just want to savor these while they're still fresh and before they become just visual souvenirs.

Here are just a few of the reasons for my long-standing love affair with Italy...

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  1. Joy, this is fantastic! Makes me want to have a *relaxing* trip to Italy at some point of my life, instead of having to visit family and friends every time! I should go incognito... You must have had such a wonderful time... I want to hear more about it. As for us, the great move is still to come. More on it soon